Monday, 8 November 2010

Pure boy

In response to my recent inventory of Monster Dog's victims, the lovely and eternally wise Oma sent me the following story about her very own Monster Puppy. 

Scott's bedroom (wood) floor is a chronicle to his many different phases, probably a better one than any baby book could be. 

There was the spur marks from his cowboy phase during which he refused to take the boots and spurs off, and wore them even to bed. Before that we thought he'd never get past the hammer-a-nail-into-everything-wooden stage. After the cowboy phase came Machete Man with lots of collateral damage to not only the wood floor, but also window screens, bushes, trees and everything else that looked like it might benefit from some pruning. 

There are pocket knife gouges, Gorilla Glue chemical fusion experiments, battery acid burns and counteless other insults to the once beautiful pine planks. Looking at the floor I'm so thankful that we humans have the ability to heal!
Boy meets world. 
My advice: keep St Jude around, give him a place of honour in your house! You will need him, since I suspect Monster Dog and Little Sister are working on their next stunt as we speak. Oh, by the way, I looked at the floor in Scott's room the other day and briefly thought that I should sand it down and re-varnish it, but then I looked again at all this evidence of my little boy exploring his world and I decided that it just might be a very, very long time before I need a shiny new floor in his room. 


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