Tuesday, 20 September 2011

This week at Chaos HQ

Both Ana and I are dragging our feet to school. Ali and I are skipping off to the zoo while we can.

Heather has just reminded me how lucky I am. My family is looked after by angels.

Two of them delivered my babies. Several saved my youngest from newborn illness and again from Calpol enthusiasm. A nervous trainee-angel looked after my eldest when she decided to go foraging for woody nightshade.

And the snail said: 'I feel so small.'

They were always just there when we needed them. Which is why I love the NHS.

My homeland is abundant in angels, but access is expensive and inequitable. Many other places are not even that lucky.

Everyone should have the NHS. All kids should be looked after by angels. Don't you think?

Back to chasing pixies and fending off nightshade attack.


  1. Thanks for carrying on the baton Rachel :) and put so beautifully, as always. It really does make you thin doesn't it? x

  2. I wish it made me thin! But thinking is even better.

    Mine is an infinitesimally small baton carry compared to all your hard work and positive energy - keep it up :)

  3. Oh I'm such a doofus! I blame the missing k on a 2 day headache. Must get off computer, it's probably not helping.

    Aw, thank you but I really don't do much, wish I could do more.

  4. Oh no, hope you feel better soon!