Monday, 2 April 2012


The sellers of ice cream arrived before the storm. They drove along the streets of London, sneaking glances over their shoulders. Somewhere lurked a great storm beast with terrible teeth that could not be denied.

Time to pay the piper.
Or that's how I imagine Ray Bradbury would have described last week, had he been here for the epic sunshine, and witnessed the ice cream men blockading every playground exit and entrance in London. 

My children have now had ice cream up to their eyeballs. Who knows - it could now rain from here to October. The smug ice cream men have driven away, just like Sylvester McMonkey Mcbean and his money printing machine.

The cool wind returned this week. And with it two gabillion deadlines. So to the grindstone. 

Posts may be moderate or poor, occasionally good for the next two months, before eventually clearing. 


  1. Post are ALWAYS good from Chaos HQ. Oh I miss the ice cream van... can't transport ice cream for a moment here. Poor us in our sunny climes.

  2. You are too kind :). Sending mountains of digital ice cream to that beautiful Spanish heaven you live in.

  3. Brilliant! And now you might have some snow I hear?!?

    We have far too much icecream here, and it's not good for my ever expanding waistline. Lots of influences from nearby Italy are a mixed blessing, what with all that lovely pasta as well as eis!

    Yep, Bibsey Mama is right too, never a bad post from your HQ! :)

  4. Ah thanks Emma, too kind. I am TOTALLY jealous of your proximity to Italy. Totally. Jealous. Enjoy...send some pasta vibes my way :)

  5. I hope the cold weather goes away soon, even if it means you do have to eat more ice cream! Good luck with your projects.. I'll miss your posts! x

  6. Thanks Lindsey! I hope to be back in the saddle soon.

  7. Oh, you've got summer coming soon, I'm sure there'll be more ice cream!