Monday, 3 September 2012

All those who can

I was converted to the Paralympic cause at Sydney twelve years ago. I haven't attended since then, but I remain a fan. 

I think of the Paralympic athletes as ninja snowflakes: unique and totally capable of kicking my butt. I suspect they're not bothered, but nevertheless I wouldn't want to anger them. 

Taking part. (National Media Museum)
I misted up last week when I heard a BBC World Service radio broadcast from Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire, birthplace of the Parlympics and youngest my daughter.

The broadcast cut between Stoke and Stratford to mark the opening ceremony. At one point an announcer said: "All those who can, please stand for the national anthem."

I sat up a little straighter in the driver's seat of my borrowed truck, and hummed along to a borrowed tune, all the while speeding over the barren llano a million miles from London. Everyone takes part in their own way. 

All those who can, please follow along with OneArmGirl, who is in my second hometown for the event. Feel free to sit while you read her excellent posts. 


  1. The Paralympics are totally inspiring, aren't they? We had paralympian speak at my son's assembly at school, her speech brought tears to my eyes. I hope the kids got out of it as much as I did, at least the older ones.

  2. They are superhumans! What a lucky kid - that sounds like a memorable experience.

  3. Have totally loved the Paralympics. Such inspirational people! :)