Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The first Thanksgiving

Do you feel lucky, punk?
Four months ago, I stepped off the boat from England.

This being 2012, I didn't have to wear silly buckles on my shoes, and it was a 747 rather than the Mayflower. While the Mayflower almost certainly had more legroom, it didn't have "The Avengers" on demand. So thank goodness for that.

This November, I am feeling thankful for the warm welcome I've received in my re-adopted homeland. Though missing old friends, I am grateful for new friends and the kindness of strangers.

I've learned a few things since my arrival to these shores. For instance:
  1. Wild turkeys are harder to catch than their Butterball primos
  2. The phrase "cesspit" can be literal. 
  3. Filling a diesel truck with unleaded is a bad idea.
  4. In the colonies, it is customary to drive on the RIGHT.
  5. Though the size of whales (and sometimes Wales), diesel trucks are safe to operate so long as you mind items 3 and 4. 
  6. Halloween in America is completely magical.
  7. Halloween in America will send you into a sugar-induced coma. 
  8. Garter snakes are mostly harmless. 
  9. Centipedes are the root of all evil
  10. When in doubt, eat natillas
  11. Rain is overrated.
  12. Every day is Thanksgiving when your relatives have ninja pie-making skills. 
  13. I really need to work on my ninja pie-making skills. 
  14. And my ability to fix stuff with duct tape and bailing wire. 
May the year ahead be abundant in warmth and joy for you and yours. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Rachel! Thank you for always making me smile when I see you have a new post :) x

  2. Thanks Lindsey - happy turkey day to you and yours!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. It sounds like some of those learnings will stand you in pretty good stead esp in the area of pie making x

  4. Thanks lady! A wonderful feast was had, and I am now approximately fifty pounds heavier. There is always something new to learn about pie, no?

  5. Hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving! I think I like the sound of most of that list with one or two exceptions! :D Finally have the bitdefender problem sorted, hurrah! :D

  6. Thanks Emma - no matter where you hail from, or where you find your feet in the world, November is always a good excuse to eat pie. Thank goodness re bitdefender too :)