Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The plunge less taken

Bloomin' miracle. 
The girls successfully completed their first joint flower girl gig over the weekend.

I don't mean 'successful' in a stage mom way, but rather that no lasting injuries were sustained and nothing was accidentally ignited. Petals were scattered in roughly the correct direction rather than being scoffed like potato chips.

Pre-ceremony, there were objections to footwear and walking. Both baskets were misplaced. But when the big moment came, they knew exactly what to do and they did it beautifully, making my kid-herding role entirely obsolete.* 

The carb tipping point.
Weddings conjure up talk of miracles: the faith to walk on water for another, man living on cake alone, water becoming wine (or in this case tequila), etc.

It was a grand weekend bordering on miraculous, and as such there were some awesome leftovers. I was sent home with a bathtub of flowers, and a literal bucket of pasta salad. Such a quantity of pasta salad in fact, that a warning label on the side proclaims it to be a toddler drowning hazard.

Pasta salad asphyxiation is surely a fate that only a miracle can save you from. As if - with childhood's many other potential sources of lasting injury and accidental ignition - I need another thing to worry about.

*There is an important parenting lesson to be learned in this, and I will ponder it further when I finish my pasta salad. 


  1. Pasta Salad suffocation, that would be a way to go :/ They sound like they did very well as flower girls... I don't think I will ever forget my sister's wedding and my daughters introduction to the flower girl world... Puking into the flower beds of Kew Gardens where the wedding was held after eating too much chocolate will not be forgotten...

  2. Hah! Puking on Kew is quite a memorable claim to fame - though I'm sure very stressful for their mama at the time. What funny things are best memories are made of :)