Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Seven only slightly silly things

The lovely tag-team MummySquared has roped me into a game of 'seven things you didn't know about me'. Pretty exciting stuff for a bog standard Tuesday around here, thanks guys.

As requested, here are seven mostly true and largely inoffensive things about me:*
  1. I have double-jointed thumbs. 
  2. I served a cappucino to Julia Roberts once.
  3. I was very nearly born under a juniper tree.
  4. I fell head-first off a balcony as a toddler, but was caught by a toe.  
  5. My brother used to tease me by calling me 'Spatula'. He has since sharpened his teasing skills. 
  6. My daughters think shampoo is kryptonite. 
  7. I got married on a solstice, under a thundercloud, to a cowboy.
I could go on, but anyone reading this probably nearly asleep. So I will tag some far more interesting people for resuscitation purposes: Whiskey for Aftershave, Honest Mum, and Cocktails by the Kiddie Pool. Their lists will no doubt be fascinating and hilarious. 

*Apologies for any tedium-based eye-strain this list causes. You can probably tell that I have lived a sheltered life.


  1. So your life was saved by a toe. I can't imagine many others can say that!

  2. Hah! That should have read 'my mum caught me by MY toe' but I am tired so it came out this way...but actually come to think of it, getting saved by a flying super-toe in a cape is way more exciting, so I'm going with that story--my life was saved by a supertoe. Yep.

  3. this is a brilliant list - to a cowboy on the solstice - you romantic. I think 3 is enough. 15 is crazzzy - I spent more time tagging than writing, you have the balance just right. I so wanna know more about Julia Roberts....

  4. that was great! I too love the super toe! so what do I do now? post on my blog and say it's from you? this will be my first ever tag! woo hoo!

  5. Your brother should have gone into stand up... Spatula made me Laugh out Loud (no I am not going to use the popular, but highly overused text version of that!). I am in love with your marriage - how wonderfully romantic of you - sounds like something out of a Barbara Kinsolver book. Knew you'd play a blinder with this!

  6. hehehe, love the kryptonite thing, might try that one myself! Jen

  7. That's right Anna--post seven super interesting things about yourself, then tag a few other bloggers to do the same--I am a wimp so I tagged three, but you can tag more if you want(like Gemma, who is a brave superwoman :).

    Gemma--I can tell you that Julia Roberts owns a massive poncho and really needs her morning coffee. Emilio Estevez was in my old coffee shop the same morning (happens in a town like Santa Fe).

    Mummysquared, I will have to check out Barbara Kinsolver, but I suspect my life is nowhere near as exciting as her stuff! And my brother has given up spatula humour for mathematics now, which is in itself some kind of sick joke.

    Jen--kryptonite is great for curly hair, but can be a tad hard to find on most supermarket shelves...

  8. (Trish@Show and Tell)

    That's a really great list! Not many people can lay claim to most of those things.

    I really do feel like I know you a little better now!


  9. I love your last one, so beautiful! It sounds like a title for a great novel- very romantic. You are good tagging 3, I only did my list yesterday (very late!) and decided not to tag anyone as I think every one I know, had already been tagged! x

  10. Number 7 - I love. What an image!