Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Emily Carlisle has written a wonderful piece on leap year babies for the Guardian.

The cult of cake. 
She highlights some interesting facts related to leaplings - for instance, did you know leapophilia is a thing? Neither did I!

The piece serves as a cautionary tale to future parents, by pointing out the feckless cake inefficiency of leapless parents.

You see, my two were both born shortly before Thanksgiving. Each year by Christmas I am knackered, having sacrificed an entire season to the pillar of cake.

By contrast, Emily's twins were born on February 29th four years ago. Today they mark their first proper birthday in four years. That's right: four years, two kids, one cake.

So to all you full-term women out there: I suggest you aim for today should you ever want to have a cake-free moment again in your life.

And to everyone else: beware the leapophile!


  1. I do not want any cake-free moments...even if I have to make the cake.

  2. Said like a true cake warrior. You should get a medal or...a cake.

  3. It is all the planning isn't it. Lol. In Canada Thanksgiving is in early October so we have a bit of a break from the cake.

  4. Good thinking! I went into labour on Valentines day with my daughter, I was pleased she didn't arrive until the 15th in the end! One day she will hopefully get chocolates two days running!

  5. Lucky girl! Good planning on her part, as regards that chocolates two days running thing ;)

  6. Good planning - best to space out your cakes, before your trousers get to spacious...someday I should at least moderately attempt this principle.