Monday, 28 January 2013

Fish tale

Ana closed her eyes and fell down, down, down into the belly of the deep blue sea. Jonah would have cried like a baby, but not she.

Dreamweaver. (Stewart Carrington) 
Swarms of silver fish snaked by, inches from her nose. Bright pink and blue jellies flitted around like glitter. Prankster fish nibbled her toes and made her giggle.

Beyond the little creatures loomed a giant fish, jaws yawning wide.

Jonah would've run away like a little girl, but Ana gave a great forward thrust of her arms and swam straight into the belly of the mighty fish.

Inside were treasures beyond imagination: chambers of gold, and roomfuls of jewels bright as the sun. Ana carried armful upon armful to the surface, where her mama was conveniently waiting with a wheelbarrow to take the loot away.

This is always how morning breaks in my house: she crawls under my covers in the still-darkness with cold toes and a tale to share. Her dream stories almost make up for the fact that I may never sleep in again.


  1. Bavarian Sojourn29 January 2013 at 08:26

    She has a fabulous imagination... Definitely worth the early starts, no?!? :D

  2. Made me smile. Early morning, under-blanket conversation in our house revolves around which cereal we will eat this morning.

  3. Which cereal to eat is the ultimate question, and not one to be taken lightly...

  4. Thank you - indeed, a nice way to wake at a painful hour :)

  5. Our cereal of choice is Shreddies. I think because of poor supply in this area. If they were easy to source then I suspect that they would be less popular. Just guessing... how about your girls?

  6. Hah - supply and demand, even in the nappy days! My two are cheerios devotees...just like their mama :)