Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jacinto Frost

Cold came to windmill country in the night. It crept over the llano on a silent army of snowflakes, followed by a wind-born icicle plague.

Non-booger stalactites. 
There was nowhere to run. Cows grew booger stalactites from their frigid noses. Cacti developed gooseflesh. Coyotes wept in falsetto, and La Llorona moaned, for once with reasonable grounds for complaint.

While the great world outside churned in sub-zero turmoil under an ice cube moon, the sugar plum children slept snug in their beds.

It sure is nice to live indoors. Mostly because it's the only proven way to avoid booger stalactites.

But the cold stuck around after dawn, and for days. Even the indoor-dwellers started to complain, and La Lorona became insufferable.

This is all to say that I've had enough winter now. You?


  1. Brrrr! You make it sound so cold! We missed the snow in MD when we were in the UK and now we've missed the UK snow by being in MD! Thomas is desperate to make a snowman so I'm not quite done with winter yet... :)

  2. Fair enough - you need at least one proper snow to be done with winter, right? Good luck - I'm sure a chunk of cold will blow Thomas's way yet...

  3. Bavarian Sojourn17 January 2013 at 20:31

    I have definitely had enough winter. Along with booger stalactites, my worst favourite is frozen eyelashes! Tis very pretty though, lovely icicles! :)

  4. Frozen eyelashes! Nooooooo! Roll on summer :)