Saturday, 12 February 2011


The Mañana mothership has transitioned from to (please forgive any minor hiccups, the old url should still work). I have high hopes that the hyphen in the new url will clear up any pronunciation confusion - because after all, any normal human when subjected to such a lengthy 'm' and 'n' trainwreck as 'mananamama' (not to mention tildes), would naturally say it thus:

I like to think of this as the unnofficial blog theme, at least this its the noise going in my head most days. Manamanamanamana...


  1. Oh I love this so much - not seen it for years. That's so going to be in my head all day now :)

  2. HMV ought to pay you a commission. We just went out and got Season 2... T

  3. Truffle, I AGREE, what a good point - they should pay me some...moneymoney.

    SAHM - apologies for getting it stuck in your head, it is catchier than even 'the song that never ends'.