Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bitte, baby

The marvellous Kerry On Living, a fellow linguist and expert in free will, has just awarded Mañana Mama the Liebster award - thank you Kerry! The staff here at Chaos HQ are currently expressing their excitement by lobbing toasting fruit shoots.

I want to pass on the good will, so I'm raising a fruit shoot toast* to a handful of my favourite bloggers.

Heart to heart. 
Bibsey A warm, witty account of 'life after birth' in expat Spain. Featuring Cava bubble baths and bums lost in translation. May inspire feelings of sunshine-lust and blog-design-envy.

A Scandinavian Sojourn Delightful tales of the unexpected from a British mum in Denmark, a land untouched by Marmite. With appearances by pancake kings, garden variety deer and other wonderful stuff.

Dummies and Dog Hairs The adventures of two toddlers, two canines, and two harassed parents in a confined space - and yet a very soothing read - like stepping into a warm auntie's kitchen that smells of freshly baked bread and is hung with beautiful family photos.

Mummy at the School Gate A fun read by a mum of three who is 'just about existing' in spite of pirate policemen, a total loss of cleaning mojo, and various other stuff.

Mad Geek Mommy A loving portrait of a delightful little boy who really, really loves his cheerios.

To all of the above - it is a pleasure to read your work, thanks for sharing it. Here are some recommendations for how to accept and spread the award, should you feel inclined to do so:
  1. Create a blog post about the award. Include the Liebster image and a link back to me.
  2. Choose and notify 3-5 of your favourite bloggers to pass the award on to, with an eye towards bringing new or lesser-known bloggers to light. 
  3. Sit back, basking in the warm Liebster glow, and toasting with fruit shoots.  
*No actual fruit shoots were harmed in the writing of this nonsense. This post is not sponsored by fruit generally or specifically...or by shooting.


  1. Wow, what a great idea! A brilliant opportunity to recommend and read some new blogs.

    Thank you for my award...I gracefully (and gratefully) I do my acceptance speech now?

  2. Fab, you're welcome! Cue acceptance speech now...tears and melodrama optional :)

  3. Thank you so much for the Liebster Award. What a lovely lovely surprise.

    I was sitting up in bed late last night having a rummage through some of the others on your list. Good list. But then I realised that my daughter would be up in five hours (we are in the UK but she is still on Spanish time... 5.15am starts)so I reluctantly had to shut down.

    I will spread the die liebe as soon as I get the chance.

    Hasta luego.


  4. Many thanks, you are a sweetheart! I'm genuinely surprised and touched! Especially as I am so overwhelmed with life the last few months (read: broke; read: trying to earn money) that I haven't been blogging that much (and I'm sure you've noticed the cheat of the last few weeks - Silent Sunday and Wordless Wednesday posts) but hope to do a proper post, yes with words, over the weekend. It's so easy to feel that you are not committed enough to stand up to the INCREDIBLE competition. xx

  5. Hola Bibsey, de nada! In addition to writing great stuff, you are a blog-design genius. You have my sympathy re 5:15 starts, what a nightmare, hope she learns to sleep in soon.

    Zookeeper - my pleasure - I think your pics are one of the nicest parts of your lovely blog, so I wouldn't call that cheating! I'm sorry to hear it's a tough time - trouble with kids is they are so expensive, and yet make it so difficult to get ANY work done (a concern of mine too). Please feel no pressure to blog about the award - it's just for fun, and I wouldn't want it to be burdensome, or eat into your limited spare time. I think it's important and healthy to disengage from the virtual world when you need to (or frankly want to), and to never turn blogging into yet another monotonous chore on the list. Good luck, virtual hug.

  6. Thanks again for this award, twas very kind of you indeed! Now I am back, I am looking forward to looking at the other blogs on your post and spreading the Liebster Love later... Emma xx

  7. Oh bless again, I absolutely will blog about the award, I am sooo scatty thanks for reminding me that I actually have to do something.....blogging, awards, memes, tags, I'm only just beginning to 'get with the programme!'

  8. Emma, glad you made it back to virtual civilization!

    Zookeeper - no have to's at all, this is all just escapist fun :) And if there is a programme to get with - sadly there usually is - I'll be the last one on the bus every time :)

  9. Oh wow! Only just seen this as I've been out of things for a bit! Thank you so much for the mention.... I'm touched and a bit blown away!

  10. My pleasure - your last post had me in stitches :)