Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fairy tales out of school

We tried something different this half term: we didn't try. Instead of elbowing for room at the museum, we caught rain fairies in the backyard with a butterfly net. Ana concocted a pink gauze castle, which also doubled as a spider's web for Ali (courtesy of a long-suffering, half-broken birthday present from Tanta). The weather was rubbish, but we were happy. 
I used to dread half term, because pre school was a survival crutch for me. It was the only thing that made looking after two very different little ones even possible. Ana and Ali used to live in different galaxies, but they are nearly on the same planet now - still not my planet, but we are getting closer. Now they can chase and tackle, and hug and cuddle each other. When Ana gives Ali a kiss, she squeals with delight. It's perfect.

Last week I realized that I miss seeing Ana around in the mornings during term. It was such a pleasure to get a solid week with her, and I am looking forward to next half term already. Somewhere along the way she turned into a little person, with a rich imaginary world running full-tilt in her mind non-stop.
I started blogging back in darker days with two babies underfoot. It was my attempt to piece my tired mind back together. Now I want to record precious, finite days just like this, before they slip through the cracks of my forgetful memory and disappear out into the ether.
Aside from what it may look like, it's not all finger-painting and toy slapstick here at Chaos HQ - I have my troubles too, and some of them aren't even imaginary. But I prefer to focus on the silly stuff and the quotidian moments of pure joy, because that's my means of escapism. I reckon I won't even remember the worries in five years, but I want to remember the nonsense forever.
The first thing I say to my girls every morning is: 'I'm so happy to see you!' And I always mean it, more than they can possibly imagine. 


  1. Love this. They do grow so quickly. I am always telling myself I should write down all the funny things my girls say and do ... and then something else happens and I have forgotten the unforgetable. They are blessed to have such a caring and talented Mama.

  2. What a fabulous post- it looks like you had lots of fun- I adore your little girl's hair- waht a total sweetheart!

    Your comment about not blogging about your problems/worries and recording the silly, happy family moments really struck a chord with me. So many people read my blog and tell me how jealous they are of my idylic life and never believe that we have hellish stuff going on in the background, just like everyone else- but why would I want to remember it? Blogging for me is about focusing on the small, wonderful things that makes are little frugal life so lovely xx

  3. So sorry about the cringeworthy grammar- clearly I meant 'our' life not 'are' eeep!

  4. Thank Janna! And Anon - I agree it is so easy to forget the wonderful little things, with so much distraction!

    Mother of Purl, thanks for your lovely comment, and nice to discover that I'm not alone in my means of escapism. And no apologies nec - I am a serial offender in the grammar department!

  5. So sorry about the cringeworthy grammar- clearly I meant 'our' life not 'are' eeep!

  6. The world you created for your girls seem so magical.

    Rachel, you are so wise. I will remember to tell the important people in my life that I am happy to see them every morning.

  7. You are too kind Mila - we are lucky ladies indeed to have important people in our lives that make it all worth it.