Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bright post, big internet

Standing in the armpit of strangers is one of the most beautifully-written posts I've read in a long time. My post of the week comes via Elsie Anderton, chatelaine of The Babylon Lane Tales, and is actually more than a week old (all of us here at Chaos HQ struggle with simple concepts like 'time'). Thanks to the lovely Ella of Notes From Home, and the BMB blogger of the week, for hosting.

After a few short words of this lyrical post, you too will extricate yourself from a stranger's armpit and walk in her shoes to that place where you can just be you, with the memory of a small hand in yours. Reading it, I was reminded of Jay McInerney's Bright Lights, Big City, one of my favourite books.

As you might infer from a title like Bright Lights, Big City, the book has bupkis to do with babies. Even so, the last two lines have become my parenting mantra: 'You will have to go slowly. You will have to learn everything all over again.'
The good side of the city. 
In other news, Chaos HQ is relocating to the bright city from the dim suburbs. As such, posting will become even more sporadic over the next few weeks while I argue with my ISP and rummage about in a mountain of boxes for my lost brain.

I will move slowly, punctuated by moments of flailing about. I will try, fail, and eventually succeed at learning everything all over again.


  1. I loved Elsie's post, beautifully written and perfectly capturing that feeling of freedom. Thanks so much for pointing me in her direction, a new find for me x

  2. Thanks Ella, glad you enjoyed it too - I love the Post of the Week - such a great way to discover and pass on wonderful stuff.

  3. That is fantastic and so very true! Emma

  4. I hate moving - hope it goes well for you.

    Off to check out the post you recommended now.!

  5. i think i have your brain in one of my boxes over here that i still have not gone through from our move 8 months ago...rainy day activity, 'find lost brain and post it'...!!

    i have really enjoyed reading everyone's post of the weeks...they have been superb, and i will go check out your recommendation now...

    lots of love tamsyn xxx


  6. Please send post-haste! Have always wanted a brain of my very own...thanks for stopping by, good luck with those boxes!