Thursday, 25 August 2011

This week at Chaos HQ

Noted from the underground. 
We are bothering pigeons and annoying strangers. Please check out my post over at In The Powder Room on just that.

August has very nearly handed the reins over to September. School is around the corner and our museum days are numbered. So we are riding the rails while we may.

Today we discovered that the Keats House doesn't cause boredom-induced narcolepsy in small children. It's actually kind of a fun place. Ana reckons it's a lot like the bathhouse from Spirited Away.

The end of summer always feels a little sad. Especially if you're a kid who's been munching on a continuous supply of popsicles courtesy of your slave mama for two months.

But time stops for no man, not even a short one.

And this mama is pretty tired of foraging for popsicles and would quite like a nap. 


  1. Can't believe it's almost September. Our schools have been back for a couple of weeks already and I am still yet to get that nap though... ! Emma :)

  2. How time flies! I can't believe the holiday is almost over now. Is Ana also starting to reception class?

  3. Oh no! Hope you get the nap soon :)

  4. Amazing, isn't it? Just pre-school, reception next year.

  5. workinglondonmummy28 August 2011 at 23:44

    summer has flown by hasnt it and feels like autumn already. Guess it gets us mentally ready for it. I hope all well with you! x