Monday, 13 December 2010

13: The Polar Exprest

Day 13 and on to the Southern Hemisphere's cutest inhabitant: the Christmas tree button penguin, or 'pebuin' as per Babish.
Black, white, cold all over.
By process of polar opposition, a little-known style of logical leap, I am reminded of this household's favourite mode of Arctic transport: 'The Polar Exprest' (local pronunciation).
 Northbound on the Polar Exprestway
Ali, thoughtful newborn that she was, had the foresight to come home from the hospital with a wooden train set for her big sister. The faithful engine (above) quickly assumed its respected name from Ana's favourite Christmas book. A year on, Ali has outgrown chewing on her toes and now shares her big sister's devotion to the train cause.
The Snowman Express. 
Two train-lovers under one roof means that we now collectively own eleventy-hundred trains and administer a complex network. I can proudly say that our trains never encounter signal failure or are besieged by the wrong kind of snow/leaves/snowy leaves on the line. Additionally, our trains are very well-decorated (see Nana's Christmas train above) and devoid of graffiti. But there are limits to what toys can pull off. Our network is occasionally delayed by AAA-battery outages, and we can't get you to Victoria Station, or indeed past the sitting room.


  1. Sweet, funny! And have you seen "Unstoppable". We really liked it!

  2. Thanks J--I have been missing in action from movie theatres for about three sleepless years now, so I haven't seen it...but I'm putting it on the rental list now!