Wednesday, 8 December 2010

8: White

This is the 8th day of Advent photos and my first submission to The Gallery (a lovely idea, thank you Sticky Fingers).

Two years BC (before children), Papa and I took a road trip in Germany with Onkle and Tanta. We drove from an unusually snowy Berlin (my favourite city) to an icy Dresden, then onwards into Saxony-Switzerland and the whitest Christmas I can remember.
At one point we happened upon the most perfect, untouched field of snow this side of heaven. We couldn't leave it that way, so we jumped from the car and tore through it like a pack of rabble-rousing kids. I made so many snow angels that the back of my head grew numb. We played until we were cold and tired to the bone, then piled back in the car and reverted to adulthood.

Footprints in the snow.  
The snow that day was the lightest, freshest powder imaginable: the consistency of icing sugar and twice as delicious. When my kids make me feel old, just thinking about that snow makes me feel like a kid again.


  1. That is such a fabulous photo and can totally feel your 'rabble rousing'!
    I visited my husband in Germany while he was working out there for a while a few years back and we drove down to Austria - just the prettiest most gorgeous landscape.

    Anyway, welcome aboard, it's really great to have you along for the ride. I can promise you that you will meet some really wonderful bloggers - they really have made it such a friendly thing to be part of x

  2. What a lovely post, it makes me tingle! Gorgeous photos and I love the idea of making so many snow angels that your head goes numb! Fab.

  3. Cheers Christine, it can be difficult to recover from snow angel brain-freeze, but totally worth it!

    Thanks for the warm welcome Tara, I look forward to more great pictures and photo challenges on Sticky Fingers! Love the frozen tree pic by the way.

  4. What a great fun-filled picture!

  5. I remember before children....I think that picture sums it up ;-)

  6. Fabulous post and gorgeous pictures!

  7. wow, that is a fab picture. it's good to remind yourself you don't need to be a "grown up" all the time :)

  8. Thanks guys--it certainly was fun to behave childishly, if only for a moment!

  9. That pic actually shows you running! I'd have been up there with you too, snow angels, and best of all 'ruining' a perfect field of snow with footprints - mine
    Love it.
    adore your advent calendar theme too

  10. Thanks guys--it certainly was fun to behave childishly, if only for a moment!