Friday, 8 April 2011

Nothing but blue sky

The government ministry for rain has gone on tea break. I suspect they took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, as it has been three days since they were last seen. They may have stopped in at the pub, become distracted, and now find themselves in no fit state to return to their desks. Fingers crossed, they will need to sleep it off for several days, in which case the revised rain budget will be delayed by at least a week. This is my hope. An ambitious hope, given their weather track record.

Pulling a sunshine sickie. 
All this sunshine makes me think of two wonderful things from last summer: throwing stones into the sea for hours on end, and consuming unhealthy quantities of clotted cream-slathered scones with strawberry jam.

The lovely Auntie Rara bore witness to both occurrences, and I hear a rumour that she is headed this way with the wonderful Auntie S in a few weeks. If the rumour is correct, I suspect we will be soon re-engaging in these two activities. I will attempt to wait patiently, while they pack.

World championship thrower. 
This is a Flashback Friday post, hosted by the wonderful Cafe Bebe.


  1. You cant beat a day in the sunshine :) makes a perfcet day even more so
    Lovely photos of your daughter x

  2. Snap! I cannot wait for non stop sunshine to arrive adn mustn't complain because this is the 3rd day on the trot that we've had 20degrees. Kids on trampoline and buzzy bees spotted in the garden. Bring it on!
    Fabulous Flashback, love the pics of your gorgeous girl

  3. Oh I'm loving the sunshine at the mo...back door open all day, hens clucking and kids playing...bliss x

  4. Love it. If they are in the pub garden, they may not be back for absolutely ages...! Enjoy the sunshine (lucky things!)... Emma

  5. Even the simplest things can seem so special in the sun - but the sea and the clotted cream scones makes it sound like pure bliss!

  6. Gorgeous post (as always). It's so fantastic how the simple things can often be the ones that make us smile the most :) x

  7. lovely photos - lovely sunshine :)

  8. Mmmmmm! I want some–scones w/ clotted cream, that is!