Monday, 4 April 2011

Smells like bad music

I moved house last week and mostly survived. However, I managed to miss a chance to time travel over at Kate's, which is most unfortunate. I will express contrition by admitting to ownership of the following five albums in my younger and more impressionable days:

  1. Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'em by MC Hammer of Hammer pants fame. That's right: Hammer time. Hammer pants. Say it ten times with a straight face and you get a cookie. 
  2. Tiffany by er, Tiffany. Nabbed this one from my sister. So I blame her. 
  3. Teaser and the Firecat by Cat Stevens. The soundtrack of my childhood, and still very close to my heart.  
  4. Siamese Dream Smashing Pumpkins. Good old meat and potatoes adolescent angst.  
  5. Nevermind by Nirvana. Absolves me for Hammer time, I like to think.
In other news, and in spite of my appalling taste in music, the lovely Molly of Mother's Always Right (who is in fact always correct, especially when it comes to libraries) nominated me for a Kreative Blogger award back in the mists of pre-move time. Thank you Molly! 

As per the terms of the award, I am foisting my autograph on everyone I meet - they are mostly being polite about this - and have just compiled a list of factoids about me: 
  1. I blame the Hammer time episode on a corruptive primary school friend, who really ought to have known better. 
  2. I am not currently listening to MC Hammer. 
  3. I don't actually wear Hammer pants, nor have I ever done so, although I did once wear moon boots. 
  4. Any residual psychological damage from owning Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'em is being dealt with by a trained professional seal in regular therapy sessions. 
  5. My lawyer will pursue legal action against anyone who tries to infer that I still listen to Hammer tunes, or indeed wear Hammer pants. 
  6. I played the trumpet in high school. 
  7. And the bass drum. 
  8. And twirled a flag in the flag corps. 
  9. Of a marching band. 
  10. But not all at once. Even I can't touch that. 
As per term two, here is a list of some wonderful bloggers I highly recommend: 
All - thanks for sharing your work - it is such fun to read your blogs. Please pass the award on if, when, and how you see fit. As per the legalese, remember that use of this award is entirely at your own risk. The award should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. And if you experience dizziness or nausea, you should consult your doctor immediately, or alternately take a break from thinking so darn much about the award. 


  1. Oh nothing beats Hammer Time! It can still make me want to dance. ;)



  2. Loving your bad music. I need to join in with the listography this week (as I've missed the last couple of weeks which isn't like me) but I am struggling to remember my first 5 albums - honestly!

    Also, thank you SO much for the award. I wasn't expecting to see my name in there at all so I'm really chuffed x

  3. My pleasure SAHM! Your blog is such a cheerful place to spend time. Was just about to drop you a line about it, but the little'n woke up! But you are way ahead of me :)

    Truffle - you bring a whole new level of sophistication to the previously drab art of hammer-timing.

  4. Thanks for the mention :) Am following your blog and looking forward to reading more.

    Ps. there is a chance my son was conceived to 'Ice Ice Baby'! Really! I blame YouTube.

  5. Now there's a claim to fame - fives new meaning to 'stop, collaborate and listen' ;)

  6. er, 'gives' not 'fives' that is.

  7. Thank you so much for the mention. I still find it hard to believe that anyone reads my ramblings, let alone enjoy them. I do love blogging and all the wonderful people you encounter on the way. It makes me wonder how I managed before I had this outlet (probably talked to myself a lot more!!) xx

  8. I burst out laughing as soon as I read Hammer Time so had no need to repeat it 10 times. Not impressed that your coolness rating sky rocketed off the graph after no. 3 though...
    Congrats on the move and you are absolved from all guilt for missing Time Travel (solely due to Hammer Time of course).

  9. What's wrong with Hammer Time? Is that considered uncool? *quickly dashes to change list which features Bonnie Tyler*

    Thanks for accepting your award. Now, autograph please!

  10. A pleasure Paula, your ramblings are wonderful. I talk to myself all the time (and yet I never listen).

    Kate, I suspect I will never live down Hammer time, oh the shame, if only I could travel back in time...

  11. Agree with Kate, 3, 4 and 5 are just too cool. Are you sure you didn't sneak in any other purchases before then hmmmm? But Mc Hammer Ok, I let you off.
    Have tagged you over at mine *runs off quickly*

  12. Oh Hammer time! Your list made me laugh.

  13. Thank you so much for the award. I am very pleased that you read my blog. Thank you. I used to love Tiffany and Nirvana!!

  14. Thank you for the mention, I did wonder where you were going with it when I saw the title of the post, I thought you'd set the music police on to me :)

  15. Hilarious! That song is going to be stuck in my head all day long!


  16. Penny - a fair point - I really struggled to remember my first five and may have got it wrong (memory like a really sievey-sieve). What really stands out is...Hammer time. Hammer pants. And the shame.

    Molly - unlike me, you are sufficiently cool as it is to carry on with Hammer time and Hammer pants if you want to - who knows, you could start a Hammer revival.

    Thanks Farmer's Wife, I'll be here all week (bows, with red face).

    Jennie - my pleasure - sorry about the tooth, and I hope you feel better soon. Glad to have found a fellow Nirvana fan out there.

    You're welcome, Emma - fair point about the awful title - I promise not to sic the music police on anyone (that would be very pot and kettle in my case).

    Cinnamon - I apologise for giving you the Hammer curse - hope it leaves your ears before too long.

  17. Really? MC Hammer? Oh dear ;)

    Thanks for the mention

    I have listed you at the top of mine too :)


  18. Brilliant. I liked MC Hammer back then toooooo xx

  19. Thanks Liska, glad to know I'm not alone in my brief ancient history adventure in Hammer Land.

  20. OMG I loved Tiffany but I didn't know she had an album???!!!

  21. A very popular lady, been awarded the Kreative Blogger award more than once :)

    Hammer time, that made me giggle :P

    I enjoy reading your blog xx

  22. BTW, I too owned the album by Tiffany....I think we're alone now. No really, MM, I really think we're alone on this one!

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